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Bear Claw Salad Servers

Bear Claw Salad Servers

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The original Bear Claws - accept no imitations! These salad & pasta hands will generate conversation at any dinner table! The Slocan Valley is proud to be the home of the Bear Claw! These are the original! Created by Michael Ferrier, in 1985, they are still the highest quality and most esthetically pleasing and ergonomically correct, non-handled servers available.

These are the original Bear Claws, created by Michael Ferrier in 1985, out of his experience in Martial Arts: the closer you are to something, the more control you have. Great for seniors, righties or lefties, kids helping in the kitchen, or anyone who wants all the avocados or olives in the bowl, they can also be used to lift a roast from the pan to the serving platter.

Our Bear Claws have been copied for many years in many materials, but ours are still the highest quality, most efficient and esthetically pleasing non-handled servers available. And the only ones with a truly foodsafe finish.

Sold by the pair.

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Bear Claw Salad Servers